NEW SONG: “From the Big Wheel We Fly (zero likes)”

“From the Big Wheel We Fly” – A bombastic as well as a fragile experimental electro-acoustix Alternative anthem, which breaks down the universal & personal experiences of a whole year on a song and a current attitude to life dedicated to Antime. A pop-cultural suicide how to perform it could not be more honest and emotional. A farewell to a self-cheating world which robs the one sometimes in the face of their own hiccup the last spark of hope in these broken times. The song has already been played several times live this year and matured in many recording sessions for the current bloom and illustrates the first forrunner to the 3rd studio album in 2012 and is also part of the Antime V1 Compilation which will be released on december 24th.

“III1″ by

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